From the Principal

From The Principal

Yanchep Lagoon Primary School began in 2018 as a result of the splitting of Yanchep District High School into 2 separate schools. The Primary School has remained on the original site  where it has been for over 40 years and has undergone an extensive re-building program which was completed in early 2021. The grounds of our school has many large trees which add to the friendly ambience within our school grounds as well as the genuine warm welcome from staff.

As a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) School, we promote an ethos which seeks to acknowledge students for the good things that they do to encourage an attitude that accepts and values positive relationships. The system is built around 4 core values;

            ★  I am a Learner

            ★  I am Respectful

            ★  I am Responsible

            ★  I am Safe

We acknowledge students use of these 4 values with the Dojo Reward System.

Our school has a very experienced and dedicated staff who work tirelessly to ensure that each student has the opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge to succeed in the future.

We have a Literacy specialist who supports the ongoing monitoring and improvements in this vital area as well as offering a before school Reading School program and the Story Dogs program to support students.

Our school Chaplain works closely with students to help ensure that they have the emotional support needed as well as providing targeted programs in areas of need for student’s emotional health and wellbeing. This has also been strongly supported with our inclusion in the Health and Mental Wellbeing support program funded through the State Government providing extra financial and staffing resources in this area.

Our Learning Support Coordinator oversees the support for our Special Needs students and works with our Deputies in supporting Students at Educational Risk.

Yanchep Lagoon Primary School provides a broad curriculum and has specialist in PE, Music, LOTE (Indonesian) and Science. We have dedicated Music, Science, LOTE and Art room facilities to support these programs.

At various times throughout the year, after school sport activities are offered and we also provide a breakfast club, before school Reading School program and the opportunity for students to participate in the school choir.

We are a very reflective school and staff review our student’s performance each year to ascertain where improvements in our methodology may be made. This has resulted in a number of innovations in recent years including the adoption of the highly successful Heggerty, Talk for Writing and Sounds Write Literacy programs. We have also adopted the Oxford Maths program and various on-line programs to support various curriculum areas.

Our students have also performed well in recent years in NAPLAN testing which supports our commitment to help students achieve to the best of their abilities.

The P&C Association Inc. and School Council have very dedicated and active parent members who work hard to supplement our school resources and provide extra curricula support for students. They would of course welcome any new members.